When adding users to a group in Blackboard Connect (the emergency notification system). We are asked to do this for Summer Housing students and Interterm housing students each semester.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Start with a CSV file of user IDs you would like to add to a group
  2. Log in to https://connect.blackboardconnect.com/
  3. Go to "Recipients" > "Contacts"
  4. Click "Import Data" button
  5. Select your CSV file (see below for sample)
  6. "Select Contact Type" should be "all" (default) - NOTE: If the CSV contains only students you could select "Student" here and leave out the "ContactType" column in the CSV.
  7. "Data Provider" should be "CLIENT" (default)
  8. Click on "Advanced options"
  9. Check the "Preserve Data" checkbox
  10. Click the "Import" button


Do not use "Refresh Groups"

 These have a very specific use case that is not what you want in most cases.


Sample CSV file

[Staff or Student],[Biola ID number],[Group name]


Staff,1234567,Interterm Housing
Student,1234568,Interterm Housing