Asana is a web-based project and task management tool. It's used by many teams at Biola to coordinate and manage internal or inter-departmental work.

For more information about the features and functions of Asana, please see Asana's webpage.

Asana Accounts

Users can either have an organizational guest or member account in Asana. The account you need is dependent on your role. To see a feature comparison between the types of accounts, please see Asana Account Feature Comparison.

Organization Guest

  • Organization Guest accounts are for those individuals who don’t need to manage teams and projects. They are limited, and will work great for those who are regularly assigned tasks and are part of a managed team. Guests sign on to Biola’s Asana using an “” email address.
    • Organization Guests should be invited to a Team by a Team/Project Leader.
    • Organization Guests will have access to all paid features in an Organization or team they're invited to. However they are unable to create, edit or delete Custom Fields or search for them using the Advanced Search tool. They will only be able to input or edit the values of existing Custom Fields.
    • Organization Guests can be individuals from outside of Biola, they can have access to specific teams, projects, and tasks.

Organization Member

  • Organization Member accounts are for those individuals who serve as project managers or who assist in managing or coordinating projects. Members sign on to Biola’s Asana using an “” email account. 
How to get an account

Organization Guest Account

Organization Member Account

Asana is a Shared Tool

How to Invite 

Team/Project Leader - the best way to add new faculty and staff to your Team is to send the new Team members an email invite. This process will create the new user as an Organization Guest unless they are Members and have an account.

Set up your Team as “Private” or “Membership by request”

This will ensure that your projects are shared with only the people you select, and it will reduce the number of Teams displayed on the left hand sidebar.

Choosing a name for your Team

Name teams by Department/Office and Team. This will make it easier to navigate and understand. For example:

  • DeptName TeamName
  • IT Information Security
  • IT NetOps

Maintain Privacy 

Do not share private or sensitive information on Asana. Use Google Drive and post the link on the Asana project to share information. 

  • If you share a project with a Member or a Guest; they will see that project and all tasks within that project
  • If you share a task with a Member or a Guest; they will only see that task (provided they are not on a the Team or Project)
Learn Asana


The term “Organization” is used to identify Asana instances that can host multiple Teams (and much more). Members sign on to Biola’s Asana using an “” email account. Guests use the “” email address. Learn more about Organization in Asana


Workspaces are separate entities from the Organization. Each has their own set of projects and tasks. Workspaces are great for Members to manage projects but lack many of the features in an Organization; namely they are limited to a single team and do not support Portfolios. Learn more about Workspaces in Asana

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