All Biola faculty and staff receive a Google Workspace Account which includes a Biola email address ( for university-related business and communications. Faculty and staff should send university-related business and communications from a university-managed Google email account.

As of April 2022, Biola will not provide employees who are also alumni with an alumni Google Apps account. Please visit the Alumni Google Accounts page for more information. 

For more information about IT policies for employee technology use, please see our policies page.

Account Ownership

As an employee, all content on your Biola Google Apps account belongs to the University. Information Technology is responsible for managing your Biola Google Apps account and all the data in your account. This means that you should not have any expectation of privacy with regard to the content on any of your Google Apps.

Faculty and staff lose access to their Biola Google Apps account on their last day of employment.

One exception to this rule of Biola ownership relates to copyright ownership of “works” as defined in the University’s Copyright Ownership policy contained in Section 3.8 of the Employee Handbook.  Employees who own the rights under the Copyright policy are responsible for downloading their intellectual property from their account prior to their last day of employment if they would like to retain it.

Personally-Owned Data on my Biola Google Apps account

Your faculty and staff Google Apps account is a tool for university work, managed by Information Technology. As with any university service, it may be replaced or disabled if necessary.

The data on your Google Apps account belongs to the university. This account should not be used for personal communication or to store personal data. Biola University is not responsible for recovering or maintaining any personal data or services on your Employee Google Apps account.

Follow these instructions for help with identifying and removing personal data from your Biola Google Workspace Account. 

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