The Biola-Guest network provides access to guests similar to other open wireless networks, but with limited access to campus resources. Due to Biola-Guest functioning as an open network, it lacks the high level of security and protection the Biola-NetID network provides.

Biola-Guest has these additional limitations:

  • Bandwidth limit of 10 Mbps
  • Restricted access (internet and public Biola sites only)
  • Network traffic is not encrypted
  • Password will be valid for five days

The Biola-Guest network also provides access to devices NetID users may have that lack WPA2 Enterprise support. Qualified wireless devices may be registered for the academic year to avoid recurring need of guest registration.

The table below summarizes the networks, their expected use, and the requirements for using them.

Biola-NetIDSecure encrypted access for all students, staff, faculty & alumniNetID & password, WPA2 Enterprise supported device
Biola-GuestOpen access for guests of the university. Also supports wireless devices like SmartTV's and gaming consoles.Any wireless capable device
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