Fall 2022

Biola IT's five most important topics that we'd like faculty to know for the returning semester.

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Important Topics

1. Retiring NetID usernames

Biola IT is in the process of gradually retiring the NetID login system with Microsoft Azure Single Sign On (SSO). We are advising students, faculty, and staff to sign in to their Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On accounts to set up multi-factor authentication.

Please see the following page for our current list of Sign On & Access Services.

2. Three types of appointments for focused Technical Support

Three types of appointments will be available for faculty this semester to receive focused, personalized support for technology.

  1. Remote Support
    1. These are done over Zoom, and a technician can remotely view/control your computer to assist with computer software related issues.
  2. On-Campus Support
    1. These are in-person located at the IT Helpdesk in the Tech Commons area of the library. A dedicated technician will assist you with hardware/software issues you may be running into.
  3. In-Office Support
    1. Meeting with you in your office, a technician can help address issues that typically cannot be solved over remote support. This is especially useful if you are running into WiFi/networking issues or hardware issues.

3. One-on-One Classroom Tech Training

A service that we will be offering to faculty this semester are one-on-one classroom technology consultation appointments.

Meeting with you in your designated teaching classroom, we can address specific issues you may be experiencing. We can also provide hands on learning and information about how to use classroom technology or Zoom Classrooms.

4. Zoom Classrooms information - for Hyflex and recording

Please see these IT created resources to address commonly asked questions regarding Zoom Classrooms and a Hyflex teaching environment:

5. Keeping your Biola Mac computer up to date with Nudge.

Mac operating systems must stay up-to-date to be secure and fully functional. To achieve this, IT will be using a software called "Nudge" which will help facilitate end-users to obtain macOS updates and upgrades.

If a Biola Mac user, please see this page for more information about Nudge: https://my.biola.edu/employees/news/2022/new-it-communication-method-for-macos-security-updates.php

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