Biola University protects employee data with a backup system called Code42 CrashPlan Cloud. CrashPlan Cloud automatically and continually backs up your computer from any Internet connection, on or off campus.

Key Features

  • Files are automatically and securely backed up to Code42's cloud servers.
  • The entirety of the user's folder is backed up by default.
  • Only operating system, program, and application files are excluded from the backup.
  • Real-time backups will save file changes every 15 minutes.
  • Older versions of a file are saved and can easily be restored.
  • A web interface allows users to access backed-up files.
  • Users can restore files at any time without the assistance of IT Helpdesk staff.
  • Backed-up data is encrypted and then transmitted for storage.
Need Help?

Please contact Biola Tech Support. For contact information, methods, and hours please visit our Biola IT Technical Support page.

How to Get It:

CrashPlan Cloud is installed on every Biola-owned computer automatically. If CrashPlan Cloud (Code42) is not installed on your Biola-issued computer, please complete and submit a Crashplan Cloud Inquiry Form.

Support Resources: