A Department File Server functions as a virtual hard drive that you can use to save, share, and manage files and folders.

You connect to the server over the network, and then work with the files and folders as you would on your computer's hard drive.

Important Update

Biola will soon be discontinuing the use of afp:// to connect to department Files servers. If this is how you currently connect, please use smb:// instead.

Why Would I Use files.biola.edu?

files.biola.edu is useful for people who

  • need to view and edit shared documents, and
  • don't find Google Docs to meet their document sharing needs.

Files.biola.edu is an excellent way to retain centralized control of documents without sharing them with specific accounts.

How Do I Request Access?

To start sharing data on files.biola.edu, email it.helpdesk@biola.edu and let us know that you want to set up a departmental file share directory on files.biola.edu. Before contacting us, prepare the following information:

  • Who from your department will be the file share manager?
  • What should the file share be named? Usually, we recommend your department name.
  • As far as you know, does your department already have another file share directory on files.biola.edu? If so, what is it called?

How Do I Connect to a Files Server?

Is My Shared Data Safe?

The data stored on files.biola.edu is backed up every night and is easily restored.

No one can access your data unless the file share manager or a server administrator has given the person permission on the server.

Can I Access files.biola.edu from Off Campus?

The file share server is accessible off-campus through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) account.

Can I Access files.biola.edu Using a Personal Computer?

Users cannot access files.biola.edu at this time. If you need to access files.biola.edu, please use a Biola issued computer.

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