Important Update

Biola will soon be discontinuing the use of afp:// to connect to department Files servers. If this is how you currently connect, please use smb:// instead (as listed below).


This page explains the steps for connecting to the Files server on an Apple computer running Mac OS X. Once connected to the Files server, you can access your department's shared folders (also known as "share points").

Note: To connect to a shared folder from off campus, you'll first need to connect to Biola's network using VPN.

How to Connect to the Files Server on a Mac

StepWhat to DoHow It Looks

Make sure you're in Finder.

You can click on the Desktop or the    icon in the dock to enter Finder.


Hit K on your keyboard or click the Go menu and select Connect to Server...

  • The Connect to Server window will appear.


When prompted, enter the appropriate address in the Folder field. Examples include:



4Click Connect.

Enter your NetID and password, then click Connect.

  • A list of shared folders will appear.

Select the shared folder you wish to connect to, then click OK.

  • The shared folder should automatically open in a new window. If it doesn't, you can find the shared volume either on the desktop, or in a Finder window under the Shared heading.

7To disconnect from a shared folder, drag the icon to the trash, or click the eject symbol in a Finder window.

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