This page describes the process of how to create an account for and how to connect to the Biola NetID wireless network.


StepWhat to do
1Click on the WiFi icon towards the top-right of the computer and select Biola-NetID.

Type in your NetID and password and click Join.


If you are asked to verify a certificate for the Biola-NetID network, click Continue.

4If you are asked to type in an administrator's credentials to verify the certificate, enter your computer's user account name and password and click Allow.


StepWhat to do
1Open the Settings app.
2Select Wi-Fi.

Select Biola-NetID


Type in your NetID and password and press Join.


Press the Trust button towards the top-right to trust the network certificate.


StepWhat to do
1Click the Wi-Fi or Internet icon towards the bottom-right of the screen (on the taskbar) and select Biola-NetID.
2Click the Connect button.
3Type in your NetID and password and click OK.


Click the Connect button to accept the network certificate.

Android / Chromebook

StepWhat to do
1Press the Home button, and then press the Apps button. Navigate to Settings.
2Select WiFi.
3Select Biola-NetID.
4Make sure EAP method is set to PEAP.

Make sure Phase 2 authentication is set to None.

Note: In some cases, None is not a select-able option. If this is the case, choose MSCHAPv2.

6Under CA Certificate, select Do not validate.
7Under Domain, enter
8Under Identity, enter your NetID.
9Leave anonymous identity blank.
10Enter your NetID password in the password textbox.
11Click Connect.
12If prompted to accept a network certificate, do so.

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