When giving a wireless video presentation in a classroom or conference room, you will need to have the AirMedia software application running on your computer.

This page explains the steps for downloading and running the software manually if it is not already installed on your computer.

How to Download and Install the AirMedia Application

Follow these steps if you want to install the AirMedia application for use in any classroom or conference room on campus.

StepWhat to DoHow It Looks
1Go to the AirMedia download page:
2Scroll down to the downloads table.

List of AirMedia downloads.

3Click the installer link for the deployable application that matches your computer: Windows or OS X.
4Run the installer that you downloaded.

How to Download the AirMedia Application for Use in a Single Location

Follow these steps if you only intend to use the AirMedia application in one classroom.

StepWhat to DoHow It Looks
1Tap the touch panel to power on the AV system.

Biola classroom touchpanel start screen.


Tap to select Wireless Laptop.

The projector screen will lower from the ceiling.

3Take note of the IP address and Code listed on the projector screen.

Type the IP address into the address bar of an Internet browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer).

Hit Enter on the keyboard.

An IP address appears in a browser's address bar.
5Click the client download button that matches your computer type: Mac or Windows.

An AirMedia client download screen with Mac and Windows buttons.


Open the file that you downloaded, and run the AirMedia application.

If a warning window appears, click OK.

You can now connect to the projector wirelessly.

Note: The AirMedia application will stay in the folder  you downloaded it to until you delete or move it.

The AirMedia application icon.

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