This page describes preventive and responsive directions on how to secure a computer's data as well as protect computer and Internet activity.

How to Secure Your Computer for Remote Work

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Only enable your VPN if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are on a public WiFi network (e.g. McDonalds, Starbucks, Public Library). And,
  • You need access to Biola systems that are only available when connected to the Biola network. Examples include:
    • Banner
    • Cognos
    • Perceptive Content
    • Evisions
    • BRIM
    • DegreeWorks
    • Self-Service systems for installing Biola software (KBOX and JSS)


  • If you are using your personal computer to access the above Biola systems remotely, please contact IT for alternative options. You should only use a Biola-issued computer to access sensitive Biola data and information.
  • Biola has limited VPN licensing. If you are using VPN to access specific files and systems, or install software via Self-Service, please disconnect as soon as you've downloaded them.
How to Use Cisco AnyConnect (Biola's VPN)

Ensure your computer's hard drive is encrypted.

How to Ensure Your Mac Hard Drive is Encrypted

How to Ensure Your PC Hard Drive is Encrypted


Ensure your computer's antivirus is enabled (PC only).


Ensure all computer operating system security updates are installed.

5Ensure your computer's data is backed up.

Biola Computer: CrashPlan Cloud - Is my computer backing up?

Personal Computer: How to Back Up Files with Google Drive

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