You may have noticed that if you click on an email link (aka "mailto") on a website, it tries to open an email application on your computer, such as OS X Mail, or Microsoft Outlook.

If you want email links to open in Gmail (Google Mail), you need to change a setting in your Internet browser.

This page explains how.




These steps won't work in an Incognito window. You have to set it up in a standard window.

StepWhat to DoHow It Looks
1Log in to your Google mail. 
2Click on the gray diamonds, and select Allow.
3Click Done.

If this doesn't work, make sure to allow handler requests.



StepWhat to DoHow It Looks
1Open Firefox settings.
2Select Applications from the sidebar.

3Select mailto in the Content Type list.
4Click on the drop-down menu, and select Use Gmail.


Internet Explorer

StepWhat to DoHow it Looks
1Install Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. 

Click on the wrench on the Google Toolbar.

The options window will appear.

3Scroll down to the Web-browsing tools section.

4Check the box for Use Gmail for "Mail To" links.
5Click Save.



StepWhat to DoHow It Looks

Open Safari extensions.

Apple's extensions site will open.


Type "mailto" into the search field, and hit Enter.

The Mailto: plugin will appear.

3Click on Install Now.
4When prompted, select Gmail from the list of options.
5Restart Safari. 



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