This page describes the process of how to disassociate a Biola Employee/Student/Alumni email address from a personal Microsoft account. It can occur when a Biola email address was used for a personal Microsoft account and then had a Biola Microsoft account created using the same address. This can cause confusion and has caused unexpected issues when needing to reset an account password.

The resolution to this issue is to change the email address in the personal Microsoft account to a personal, non-Biola, email address.

IncidentCategory Troubleshooting

Login Prompt: Which account do you want to use?
Error Information

Message Prompt Wording:

  • It looks like <EmailAddressName> is used with more than one account. Which account do you want to use? Work or school account OR Personal account.

When Issue Occurs:

  • When trying to log in to your office account and are using your Biola email address as the username.

StepWhat to do
1Navigate to Microsoft's My Microsoft page: My Microsoft Page Website Link
2Log in using the credentials you're encountering this issue with and choose to log in using your personal account.
3Click on the More actions menu option towards the top-left of the screen and select Edit profile from the drop-down menu.

Click the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft option.

Note: You may be asked to verify your identity. If so, please do so.

5Click Create a new email.
6Select the Add an existing email... option, type in a new personal email address to associate this account with and click the Add alias button.
7Follow the on-screen directions to verify the account.
8Once you've verified your new alias email account, click the Make it primary button.
9Click the Remove button next to the Biola email address listed under the Account alias section and click Remove to confirm deleting this email from the personal account.

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