If you do not have advanced notice, you can use these instructions to create an impromptu Zoom Meeting from your laptop and invite a student and the Zoom Classroom. Faculty can set up Zoom and invite a student using the classroom technology.

If you didn't have time to plan ahead, you create an impromptu meeting on your laptop, invite the Zoom Classroom to the meeting, and record the session. The advantage of using the Zoom Classroom to record rather than your computer is that you will usually have better audio and video quality.

StepWhat to doHow to do it
1Open Zoom on your computer

2On the Home screen, click New Meeting.

3Do not join with audio - close the audio dialog box instead.

4Click the up arrow next to the Participants button.

5Click Invite
6Click the Zoom Classrooms tab at the top.

7Start typing the building and room number.
8Select the correct Classroom.

On the Zoom Classroom touch panel, press the Join button.


Start the recording


Leave the Zoom meeting on your computer (the Zoom Room is running the meeting now)

How to share a recording with a few individuals from