This page explains how to sign out of all Google web sessions, and how to review recent activity on your Google account.

"Why Should I Sign Out of all Google Web Sessions?"

There are several reasons for signing out of all Google web sessions.

  1. You forgot to log out of your email account on another computer, or in a public place.

  2. You shared your Biola email credentials with another individual (such as a parent or significant other).

  3. Your account was compromised or phished.

How to Sign Out of All Google Web Sessions

StepWhat to DoHow It Looks

Log in to to your Biola Gmail Account.


Click Details in the bottom-right corner of your screen, beneath your inbox.


Click Sign out of all other web sessions.

Note: This page will also show when and where your Google account was most recently used. If you see anything suspicious, immediately reset your NetID password.

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