All Biola printing is managed by the Pharos server. To print, a user must be added to a Pharos Cost Center.

If you are a budget manager for your department, you can add or remove users from a Cost Center by logging in to the Cost Center web app.

This page explains the steps for logging in and managing users in a Cost Center.

If the Cost Center app isn't working properly, please contact the IT Helpdesk using one of the methods listed in the sidebar to the left.

Changes made to a Cost Center take up to 4 hours to apply while the list of users syncs across servers.

How to Log In and View a Cost Center

StepWhat to Do
1Log in to with your NetID.
2Click on the desired Cost Center.

How to Manage Users

You can manage users in any of the following ways:

Add users individually by using the "Add" field.
Add multiple users at one time by using the "Bulk Add" button at the top of the page.
Remove users individually by mousing over their image and clicking on the "X".
Remove all users from the Cost Center by clicking the "Remove All Members" button.

Limit what type of user can be part of the Cost Center by using the "Affiliations" check boxes.

If someone is part of the Cost Center and no longer has one of the selected Affiliations (Example: A Student Worker becomes Alumni), they will automatically be deleted.

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