This page describes how to use a Google 2-Step Verification code authenticate a Google Workspace account. Users must authenticate their Google Workspace account when trying to access it from a new device or a new third-party application.

How to Use a Google 2-Step Verification Code

StepWhat to doNote
1From the Google sign in page, log in with your Biola email address and password.

You should receive a text message or voice call with your six-digit verification code.

If you don't receive a code,

  1. Click Try another way.
  2. Click Get a verification code at (***) ***-****.
  3. If you are still unable to retrieve a verification code, please contact the IT Helpdesk at or 562.903.4740 for assistance.
3Enter your verification code and click Next.
4If you see a page with a blue Enroll button, follow steps 3-4 on How to Enable Google 2-Step Verification. Otherwise, you should now have access to your account.

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