LastPass is a password management tool that makes it easy to access and secure all of your apps and websites at work.

Use LastPass to generate secure, unique passwords for each website you use. When you need to log in to a website or service, LastPass will find and autofill your login information. 

Additionally, LastPass is the only university-approved method for securely sharing passwords and other confidential information with your coworkers and teams.

LastPass can be used on computers and mobile devices.

University Data

You may only store Biola account information or sensitive data on a LastPass Enterprise account purchased by Biola University. LastPass also offers personal licenses for individual purchase, but you may not use them to store Biola data, including passwords for accounts you use for work.

Getting Started with LastPass

1. Request a LastPass Account

Currently, LastPass Enterprise licenses are available to all Biola employees upon request. Contact the IT Helpdesk at or extension 4740 to request an account.

2. Activate Your Account

Once your account has been created, you will need to activate your account and set your master password:

Master Password Security

We recommend that you use a secure passphrase of at least 20 characters for your Master Password, since this passphrase will grant access to your entire LastPass vault.

3. Download the LastPass Browser Extension

Download the LastPass browser extension for your browser of choice:

Once installed, log in to the browser extension using your Biola email address and your new master password.

Watch this Youtube video to familiar yourself with the browser extension: LastPass 101: Browser Extension - YouTube

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