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This page lists common requests asked after a computer refresh and provides self-help instructions to fulfill the request. If you would like assistance with any instructions linked to from this page, please come to the IT Helpdesk or give us a call at 562.903.4740 and we would be happy to walk you through the process.

How do I set up Cisco AnyConnect (VPN)?

Cisco AnyConnect is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application that allows users to connect to Biola's local, on-campus network from off campus and will protect the connection, even when using public internet access (such as the WiFi at a coffee shop or public library). Please follow the documentation, listed below, in order to set up Cisco AnyConnect.

Cisco AnyConnect Setup Documentation: How to Use Cisco AnyConnect (Biola's VPN)

How do I set up Citrix Workspace?

Citrix Workspace (formerly known as Citrix Receiver) is an application that allows you to use Windows applications (such as Vena or NVivo) stored on a server.

Citrix Workspace Setup Documentation: How to Run Citrix Workspace

How do I install non-standard software?

If you need to install non-standard or specialized software, you can often do so by using your computer's Self Service application.

Self Service Software Installation Documentation: 

What do I do if I'm missing a file or folder?

If you are missing a file or folder on your new computer, you can restore it using the CrashPlan application. If you are missing more than a handful of files/folders, please contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance by emailing us at or by calling 562.903.4740.

CrashPlan Data Restore Documentation: How to Restore Files from Your CrashPlan Cloud Backup

What do I do if I don't see my browser bookmarks?

If a browser on your new computer is missing bookmarks from your old computer, you can restore them using the documentation listed below.

Bookmark Restore Documentation: How to Import Bookmarks from a HTML File

What do I do if I'm missing a Biola printer?

If a needed Biola printer is not installed on your computer, you can install it using the documentation listed below. Please note that the IT does not install personal printers or printers not manage through the Pharos Print Management system.

Biola Printer Installation Documentation: How to Install Missing Biola Printers

What ports and hardware does my new computer have?

The documentation link (listed below) contains relevant computer specifications (e.g. RAM or hard drive size, processor speed or external ports). Please note that some external ports on your computer may have changed from the computer you returned to IT and the one you just received.

Current Biola Computer Specifications: Employee Computer Models

What is a lockdown kit and why do I have it?

Biola requires all Biola-owned laptop, desktop, and lab/public computers to be locked down using a lockdown kit. In the event of a computer theft, insurance claims will only be filed for computers that were locked down. If you would like assistance installing the lockdown kit, please contact the Helpdesk at or call us at 562.903.4740.

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