This page explains the proper way to recycle old printer toner cartridges for Biola-owned printers and copiers.

HP Cartridges

When you receive a new toner cartridge, the box contains a return shipping label for the old cartridge.

StepWhat to Do
1Put the old cartridge in the toner box.
2Bring the empty toner to Tech Commons on the middle-level of the Library.


The following documentation is currently in progress as KM has recently changed the process for creating an account.

Konica Minolta Cartridges

To recycle old KM cartridges, you need to create an account for the Clean Planet.

StepWhat to Do
1Go to
2Type in your Biola email address and click Next.

Type in the following information and click Next:

  • Contact First Name → Your First Name
  • Contact Last Name → Your Last Name
  • Email → Your Biola Email Address
  • Verify Email → Your Biola Email Address

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