When Faculty and Staff end their employment at Biola they must return their technology assets to the university. This allows Biola to repurpose the equipment and helps to keep operational costs low.

For more information about IT policies for employee computer use and data storage, please see our policies page.

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Where should I return my technology equipment?

Single User Laptops
  • Employees should return laptops and all adapters to the IT Helpdesk in the middle level of the Library on their last day of employment. The exception are assets shared by multiple people in the department. Leave shared assets with your supervisor or administrative assistant.
  • Employees can leave non-mobile items like monitors, printers, and desktop computers on their desk at Biola. Email IT and your supervisor or department administrative assistant when you've left all your items. IT will work with your department to repurpose these items.
Shared User Devices
  • Computers or peripherals that were deployed to a department for multiple users can be left with your supervisor or administrative assistant. IT will work with your department to repurpose these items as needed.
Remote Workers
  • If you've been working out of the Los Angeles area and can't come to Biola, contact IT at and we will arrange to ship your equipment back. 

Can IT help me transfer data on my Biola issued computer to my personal computer?

IT can help departing staff and faculty selectively transfer a few folders of intellectual property via remote appointment. We recommend that you keep your intellectual property in a specific file folder or cloud storage location that you can easily transfer to another medium. 

IT cannot help you to transfer all of the data on your Biola issued computer for the following reasons:

  • Biola is operationally and often legally responsible for much of the data on your computer, and we cannot allow employees to take any of that data with them when their employment ends.
  • IT cannot easily sort out your intellectual property from Biola data that must be retained.

Can I buy my Biola-issued computer when I leave?

No, Biola does not sell computers to employees when their employment ends. We've found that most employees want to buy their Biola issued computer because they want to retain the files, software, and configuration settings, which is not possible. For security and licensing reasons, Biola must back-up and completely erase former employee computers and remove all non-factory applications when they leave Biola management. 

Can my department buy my Biola issued computer and give it to me when I leave?

No, departments cannot buy Biola issues computers for departing employees. If Biola gifts an employee with equipment the IRS considers it taxable income.

Does my Biola issued technology belong to me?

The technology equipment that Biola provides employees belongs solely to Biola university and will be repurposed or sold for money once it is returned. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your technology devices continue to offer maximum value to Biola.

  • Notify IT immediately if your equipment is damaged. Biola pays for accidental damage warranties on all Apple and Dell laptops. If you wait, the warranty may run out and Biola will be required to pay to repair or replace the computer.
  • Do not personalize your Biola equipment with stickers. It requires labor to clean them off so the next person can use them.
  • Do not store personal information on your Biola issued devices. When you store personal information on your Biola devices it increases Biola's data retention costs. Biola is operationally and legally responsible for the data on your computer. Since IT cannot easily sort out your personal data we will retain everything on your computer.
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