This page explains how to send assessment results from your Akindi dashboard in to your Canvas course.



Before You Begin

Before you begin, make sure already uploaded your completed bubble sheets to Akindi. Review your results and make sure there are no errors or exceptions.


How to Send Akindi Test Results to Canvas

StepWhat to DoHow It Looks
1Navigate to your course in Akindi.
2Click view results.

Click Send Grades to Canvas.



In the pop-up menu, select which assessment in Canvas these grades should be sent to.


If you haven't made an assignment entry in Canvas, Akindi can create it for you! Just enter the name of the assessment in the "Create a new assessment" field. Akindi will create a Canvas assessment and a new entry in your gradebook.

5Click Export. 

Your grades will immediately appear in Canvas.


If your grades change for any reason (e.g. you change your answer key in Akindi, or upload additional student responses) you can simply repeat this process and the grades in Canvas will be updated.





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