This page explains the steps for using a Bizhub copier to scan your bubble sheets into Akindi.

Before You Begin

Before uploading bubble sheets, make sure you have your Akindi email address. This is not the email you use to log in to Akindi. You can find your Akindi email address on your course dashboard.

How to Upload Akindi Bubble Sheets with a Bizhub Copier

StepWhat to DoHow It Looks

Log in to the Bizhub with your ID card or NetID.



Place the bubble sheets into the Bizhub document feeder.


For large classes, limit the scan to less than 50 sheets at a time. This will help avoid scanning errors.


Select the Scan to Email option.

Note: On some Bizhubs this option might be called Fax/Scan.

4Press Direct Input, and select Email.

Enter your Akindi email address, and press OK.



You can also add your Akindi email to the Bizhub Address Book, so that you do not need to type it every time. Your department admin or an IT Helpdesk Tech can help add your Akindi email to your Bizhub address book.


Press Start.

Your results should appear in your Akindi dashboard in a matter of moments. You may also receive an email notification once the bubble sheets are processed.


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