Citrix Workspace is an application that allows you to use Windows applications stored on a server.

This page explains the following Citrix topics:

How to Log In to Citrix Workspace

StepWhat to Do
1Turn on Biola's VPN (Cisco AnyConnect).
2Open Citrix Workspace on your Biola issued computer.
3Enter your NetID and password, then click Log On.

How to Add an Application in Citrix

Follow the instructions below if one of your applications isn't showing up in Citrix.

StepWhat to Do
1Make sure you're logged in. (See instructions above.)
2Click on the + tab on the left side.
3Click on the All Apps link.
4Click on the app that you want to appear on your Citrix desktop.

How to Access Vena

To gain access to Vena within Citrix, contact Mandy Ford at x.5095.

To use Vena, log in to Citrix Workspace, as explained above.

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