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... is the top level domain.

DNS/DHCP Client Services

Biola IT utilizes Cisco Umbrella as the upstream DNS service provider for all Biola University network users. This effectively overrides pre-configured or hard coded DNS addresses defined on client devices. 


  • All hosts on Biola networks are policy enforced to use Biola’s DNS systems.
  • All hosts connected to Biola networks receive a dynamic DNS name.
  • No host connected to Biola networks shall be addressable by any DNS name other than that provided by Biola.
  • No hosts host operating on Biola’s network shall use an upstream DNS server other than that automatically assigned by Biola’s DNS/DHCP services or by the campus firewall.
  • All hosts on Biola networks shall either obtain and use a static IP address or use the Biola DHCP service to obtain an assigned IP address. Users shall not use a self-assigned IP address, or operate a DHCP server.

DNS Record Requests


DNS Requests must contain a sub-domain name as well as the top level name (i.e. In this example, “it” is the sub-domain and “” is the top level name.