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Table of Contents:

Table of Contents



This page lists the process of how to ensure the Veeam backup software is functioning properly on a computer. This documentation assumes the free version of Veeam has already been installed on the computer by Biola's IT department.

This Veeam system-level backup solution should not be used by Biola for general use. The use of Veeam should be used as a part of an IT support plan in order to meet an IT and department established service level agreement.

How to Ensure Veeam is Functioning Properly

StepWhat to doHow to do it
1Click the Start menu.
2Search for and select Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows from the search results.
3A Veeam program window should open.
4Locate the backup status towards the top-left of the main window.
  • If there is a green circle with a green check mark in it saying, "Last backup: x day(s) ago," with the last backup date being less than 2 business days, the computer is successfully backing up.
  • If there is a red circle with a red x or says, "Last backup: x day(s) ago," with a date being equal to or greater than 2 business days, the computer is not backing up. Please contact the IT Helpdesk for support for assistance.