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Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Zoom gives meeting hosts and participants the ability to share audio and video content to others in the meeting. This page explains how to share both inside and outside a Zoom classroom.

How Do I Share Content in Zoom?


How to Share Content from Inside a Zoom Classroom

StepWhat to do

Plug your laptop into the classroom podium's HDMI cable.

2Press the podium's Crestron touch panel screen to turn it on and press HDMI Laptop.
3Press Share Content on the Zoom Touch panel.
4Press the Podium HDMI option.
5To stop sharing, press Share Content on the Zoom Touch panel, press Stop Share and then press done on the top right of the window.


  • In some cases, users need to change their computer's audio output settings from the computer's speakers to "Crestron." Doing this will allow any shared audio to be able to be heard by students.
  • DVDs cannot be played with the Bluray player in the classroom podium. They must be played from your computer and shared to Zoom/the classroom.
  • How to Change a Computer's Audio Output Settings


How to Share Content in Talbot East & Dorothy English 61 or when "Podium HDMI" is unavailable

StepWhat to doMore Information
1On your laptop, open up the Zoom Application. Under the Home Screen click on "Share Screen"

2Enter the sharing key. The sharing key can either be found directly on the Zoom Rooms Reference Monitor or on the Touch Panel in the settings of the "Share Content" button. 

3Once you have entered the sharing key, you will now be sharing your screen. If you would like to stop sharing, you can click stop sharing on the Zoom Application or the middle upper section of the screen where it says "Stop Share"


Adjusting the Audio:

You can adjust the computer audio settings by clicking on the green button that is located on the upper center portion of the screen.  


How to Share Content from Outside a Zoom Classroom

StepWhat to doMore information

Join your course's Zoom Meeting* on your laptop/desktop computer in the classroom.

How Do I Join My Class' Zoom Meeting from My Computer?

Click the green Share Screen button.


Select the content you would like to share.

Note: If the shared content will include audio or video, you will need to check the following checkboxes on the Share Screen window:

  • Share computer sound
  • Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip
4Click Share.

5To stop sharing, click the red Stop Share option on the Zoom meeting menu bar.