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Table of Contents

Table of Contents




These are instructions for how to set up Zoom meetings and publish them in Canvas and how to create an impromptu Zoom Meeting from the classrooms. You can either have the Zoom meeting and its recording populate to your Canvas page once you are done. If you do not want all students to access the recording, you can create an impromptu meeting to record the classroom session and then send the recording to the student when class is over.


Use Canvas to Create Zoom Meetings for a Zoom Classroom

Benefits of this method:

  • Your students will have access to join the Zoom Meetings in the Canvas course. No other invitations or passwords are necessary.
  • The Zoom Room in your classroom will be ready to start your meeting with the touch of a button.
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<ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">00:00 - How to Create a Zoom Meeting in Canvas</a></li>
<li><a href="" target="_blank">02:51 - How to Add Your Meeting to the Zoom Classroom Touch Panel</a></li></ul>
StepWhat to doHow to do it
1Go to and log in using your NetID & password.


Navigate to the course you would like to create a Zoom meeting for and click the Zoom tab on the left.

Note: If you don't see the "Zoom" link in the course navigation menu, go to "Settings" then "Navigation" and move it from the bottom hidden section to the top section to make it visible.  See Managing Course Navigation Links for more details.

3Click Schedule a New Meeting.

4Set the following required settings when creating your meeting.
  • When ← Set this to your course meeting start time exactly as listed in Biola's course listing.
  • Duration ← Set this to the meeting timeframe exactly as shown in Biola's course listing. If you go over you may interfere with another professor's start time on the Zoom Classroom.
  • Recurring ← If you want your Zoom Meeting to automatically recur in the Zoom Classroom, set this accordingly. 
  • Topic ← Set this to your course number (e.g. BBST101 01).
  • Passcode ← Check this box and use the default passcode provided
  • Only authenticated users can join meetings ← Check this box
    • Select Zoom Accounts using Biola Email in the drop-down menu.
5Set the following recommended settings when creating your meeting.
  • Video: Host ← Set to On
  • Video: Participant ← Set to Off
  • Audio ← Select Telephone and Computer Audio
  • Meeting Options: Record the meeting automatically ← Check this box
6Click Save.


Make your meeting easily accessible to your Zoom Classroom by clicking the Google Calendar button. Check that the time listed is exactly accurate! You could prevent another professor from adding their class to the Zoom Classroom if this is wrong.

This will open a new event in your Google Calendar (you may need to allow Zoom to access your Biola Google account).


Add the Zoom Classroom to the Google Calendar by clicking the Rooms tab on the right.


Type the name of the classroom in the field titled Search for room or resource. 

(Eg. Talbot East 007)

10Select the room that appears below.
11Save the meeting


Impromptu Private Classroom Recording

Create an impromptu meeting on your laptop and join from the Zoom Classroom.

StepWhat to doHow to do it
1Open Zoom on your computer

2On the Home screen, click New Meeting.

3Do not join with audio - close the audio dialog box instead.

4Click the up arrow next to the Participants button.

5Click Invite
6Click the Zoom Classrooms tab at the top.

7Start typing the building and room number.
8Select the correct Classroom.
9Click Add
10Start Meeting
11Click "Record"The meeting will give an audio announcement that the meeting is now recording

How to Access Recordings


How to Share The Recording

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