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These instructions explain how to use Zoom Room technology installed in the podium to run your Zoom meetings in your classroom so that you won’t need to connect your computer to Zoom. Only use these directions for setting up your Zoom meetings with a Zoom Room.If you do not wish to use the Zoom enabled classroom technology and prefer to use your computer for Zoom, please see the direction on how to set up a Zoom class session on your computer. Keep in mind that the Zoom Room technology on the podium will usually provide you with better audio and video.the classroom.  

Not using Zoom Room? 

Need Help?

Please contact Biola Tech Support. For contact information, methods, and hours please visit our Biola Tech IT Technical Support page.


Scenarios for Using Zoom Rooms


Fast way to use a Zoom Room to


invite a

select few students

student to


your class session

without prior notice (no recordings)

(and you don't want to record) 

Objective of these instructions: Enable you to quickly Quickly start a Zoom session with the Zoom Room technology and invite a few remote students student to attend. Does not enable recording. For instructions on setting up Zoom Rooms Need to record, see below.



Zoom Room to record


a class session

to enable a select few students to watch it later

Objective of these instructions: Enable you to record Record class session using the Zoom Room technology without advanced notice. These directions will not enable a remote student to attendIncludes instructions on how to share the recording.

Use Canvas to

set up your Zoom Meetings so that students have a link to join or view recordings at any time

provide Zoom Meetings links and recordings

Objective of these instructions: Provide you and your students the maximum functionality when using a Zoom Room. Enables students to access a link to join or watch recordings on Canvas, start your Use Canvas to setup and distribute Zoom meeting links and recordings. Faculty can start Zoom meetings in the classroom and record automatically. These instructions must be followed before the start of your class.

Advantages: Enables a one-time set up of all Zoom meetings to run in your classroom and provides students with a link to join or view recordings.