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Google announced significant changes to Google Workspace for Education which affects Biola’s use of Google storage and the Google services. Historically, Google provided the free service for Educational customers with an unlimited number of users and unlimited data storage. Starting July 2022, Google will switch Educational customers from free unlimited storage to a storage limit of 100 TB. The first 100 TB are free, the rest we need to pay for.  


  • Suspend Google Workspace accounts for Alumni on November 1, 2022
  • To see how much space you are using on your Google account go to


Biola IT will be deploying quotas in November to manage Google storage used by faculty, staff, and students. Quotas will be allocated to meet academic and administrative responsibilities. There will be a 100 GB storage quota for faculty and staff. This will affect 7.5% of faculty and staff who use more than 100 GB of Google storage and 1.0% of faculty and staff use more than 1000 GB of Google storage. 

You can help by reducing and managing your Google storage. See these instructions from Google on how to manage your Google storage. To see how much space you are using on your Google account go to

Remove Personal Data 

In order to reduce the cost of Google storage, faculty and staff will need to remove personal data from their Biola Employee Google Workspace Accounts. See Remove Personal Data, see these instructions on How to Identify and Remove Personal Data from your Biola Employee Google Workspace Account.

Manage Former Employee Google Data

Before July 2022, Biola IT transferred departing employees' Google Drive data to a supervisor or a designated employee's "My Drive". These folders can take up a significant amount of space in an individual's Google Transfer Former Employee Google Data to a Department Google Shared Drive. Copy only the data that is relevant and needed to the Department Google Shared Drive. See these instructions on How to Move Former Employee Google Data to a Department Google Shared Drive.

Request a Department Google Shared Drives

By request Biola IT will provide Department Google Shared Drives as a solution to store and share files for departments and teams. To request a Department Google Shared Drive complete the Department Google Shared Drive Request Form.

The process of moving and consolidating data from individual employee accounts and from former employee accounts to a Department Google Shared Drive will help reduce Biola’s overall storage usage.

Request a Non-Google Data Storage Solution

Biola IT recognizes that there are cases where a faculty, staff member, or department has the need to store and share a large amount of data. [add a note on how to request this]