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Before July 2022, Biola IT transferred all the departing employees' data that was stored on their computer "Former Employee Shared Drive". IT recommends consolidating this information in a Department Google Shared Drive. This page explains how to migrate from a "Former Employee Shared Drive" to a Department Google Shared Drive.

Instructions on how to migrate a former employee's computer data from a "Former Employee Shared Drive" to a Department Google Shared Drive

StepWhat to DoWhat It Looks Like
1Launch Google Chrome and navigate to and make sure you are logged in to your Biola account.

Navigate to your department’s Shared Drive > Former Employee Data folder.

Note: If you do not have a department Shared Drive, please complete the Department Google Shared Drive Request Form.

Note: Create the folder "Former Employee Data folder" if it isn't there. 

3Create a new subfolder with the employee's name (e.g. “Jane Smith - Google Drive Data”).


Navigate to My Drive and locate your former employee's Google Drive data folder. The folder should be named as the former employee's Biola email address (

Note: This is a great opportunity to audit the data in the former employee’s Google Drive folder. You can ask yourself:

  • Is the data still relevant? Can anything be deleted?
  • Is there any sensitive information that should be removed? Sensitive data should always be deleted when it’s no longer needed. Take particular note of any FERPA data or PII (Personally identifiable information, e.g. lists of students) that may be from previous semesters and no longer necessary.


Open your department’s shared drive and your new subfolder in the left sidebar.


Drag any folders that you want to migrate to the new subfolder in your department’s shared drive.

Note: If any error messages appear during the transfer process, please view this page:

Troubleshoot Google Shared Drive Error Messages