While working remotely, follow best-practices for downloading Biola licensed software using self-service tools like KBOX and JSS.

While off-campus, staff and faculty should follow these software installation best practices when using self-service tools like KBOX (Windows) and JSS (Mac Self Service).

  • (Mac and Windows) Always connect to VPN before attempting to install software from KBOX and Mac Self Service.
  • (Windows) After connecting to VPN, wait 20 minutes before accessing kbox.biola.edu to install software. It can take a few minutes for your computer to make contact with the KBOX server.
  • (Mac and Windows) Don’t allow your computer to go to sleep while attempting to download and install software using KBOX and Mac Self Service
  • (Mac and Windows) If you run into errors, restart your computer, reconnect to VPN, and try again. A restart will often resolve problems you are experiencing.
  • (Mac and Windows) If you need software not available to you in KBOX and JSS, please contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance at 562-903-4740 or it.helpdesk@biola.edu.

For more information about using Self-Service applications for installing licensed software on your Biola computer, see our pages on How to Use the Self Service Application on a Mac or How to Use the Self Service Application on Windows.

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