Many new Zoom features require the latest Zoom software version.

To make sure Zoom software is up-to-date, see How to Update a Computer's Zoom Software Version.


Zoom breakout rooms allow a meeting host or co-host to temporarily break participants into smaller Zoom meetings for small-group discussion. Hosts and co-hosts can set the breakout duration, automatically or manually assign participants to rooms, and may join any breakout room at any time from their desktop/laptop computer. Zoom Classrooms can also join breakout rooms.

How Do I Start a Breakout Room in a Zoom Classroom?

StepWhat to doMore information

Join your course's Zoom Meeting on your laptop/desktop computer.

How Do I Join a Zoom Meeting in the Classroom from My Computer?
2Do not connect your computer's audio when joining the Zoom meeting.Connecting your computer's audio will create an audio feedback loop and generate a painfully high pitched sound in the room.

Click the Breakout Rooms Zoom Breakout Rooms Button option.


If you have preassigned your participants into a breakout room, you will see your rooms with the appropriate students assigned to them. If you see your rooms, but your students aren't assigned to them, you will need to recover your meeting's breakout room pre-assignments (see instructions to the right).

If you have not preassigned them, you will need to create the rooms and assign students to them (see instructions to the right).

Recover Pre-assigned Rooms
  1. From the breakout room pop-up window, click Recreate.
  2. Click Recover to Pre-assigned Rooms.
  1. Click Manually.
  2. Click Create Rooms.
  3. Click Add a Room
  4. Click Assign and select the students you'd like to assign to this room.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until all desired students are assigned.
  6. You may also choose to assign the Zoom Classroom to a breakout room.
  1. Click Automatically.
  2. Type the number of desired rooms in the breakout room pop-up window.
  3. Click Create Rooms.


Click the Open All Rooms button.